Why Should Physicians Boost Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in advancing pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. Still, recruiting and retaining patients for these studies has been the toughest roadblock over the years. The good news is there is one possible way out, and that is empowering physicians to integrate clinical trials into their everyday practice, making it a natural extension of patient care.

Merging Physician Care and Clinical Trials

We see many doctors getting intrigued by the prospect of contributing to groundbreaking medical research. However, only some percentage of them actually take part in clinical trials. The reluctance stems from unfounded concerns about the result and how it might reduce their patient-facing time.

5 Benefits of Going Through With This

Here’s why this union is for the greater good:

  1. Accelerating Patient Recruitment Goals
    Physicians are the frontline workers and trusted healthcare providers. That is why they can play a crucial role in recruiting patients for clinical trials. Patients usually rely on their doctor’s guidance, and by partnering with clinical trial sponsors, physicians can provide patients with valuable treatment options.
  2. Increasing Clinical Trial Patient Retention
    Patient dropout rates in clinical trial programs have been around 70% in the past years. A study focused on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) liver disease showed the potential for technology-enabled research teams within physician offices to improve retention rates.
    After assessment of data from 13 randomized controlled NASH studies involving seven gastrointestinal physician offices, it was found that participants taking part in the trial with technology-enabled research teams got an impressive 89% retention rate for the second liver biopsy. On the other hand, those not in the study achieved only an 82% retention rate.
  3. Improving Health Outcomes Along With Strengthening Patient Relationships
    Patients who have life-threatening diseases seek treatment to improve their health and dodge the possibility of fatality. They also want to have full confidence in their physician that they are knowledgeable about cutting-edge therapies and can provide access to such treatments when needed. Research has proven strong relationships between high patient trust in their healthcare professional and positive long-term health outcomes.
  4. Improving Professional Reputation
    In this day and age, in the digitally connected world, physicians must safeguard and work to improve their reputation in communities. Online reviews and ratings are a significant part of rep build-up. This influences healthcare decisions, with 72% of consumers relying on them when choosing a new doctor.
    Physician’s participation in innovative research can boost its reputation within the community. A successful trial run can lead to an increased influx of patient referrals and positive word-of-mouth recommendations from influential community figures.
  5. Expanding Access to Healthcare in Underserved Communities
    Rural communities are often underserved and they struggle to access life-altering care for chronic diseases. Such communities are essential for medical research since they provide valuable clinical evidence about the effects of new drugs on diverse populations. Integrating clinical trials into private practices allows patients access to potential treatment plans that can lead to improved health outcomes.

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Of course, what you will be doing is important - in fact, it is vital. Medical and scientific research of this kind is absolutely essential, and human volunteers are right at the sharp end of the whole thing. It can't happen without you, and you will be saving lives. Finally, think of this. We use the word "volunteer" a little loosely.
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