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Changing the World Through Clinical Trials

SMS Clinical Research is a research organization located in Mesquite, Texas. Through clinical research and trials, we provide the link between enthusiastic individuals interested in participating in clinical trials and new medical advancements. With our highly qualified and caring physician and nurse practitioners, volunteers are treated with respect and compassion through every step of the process. Volunteers are paid for their time and travel during a clinical trial, making participation in a clinical trial possible for everyone. SMS Clinical Research has overseen numerous clinical studies in various diverse areas, including COVID-19, high blood pressure, diabetes, vaccines, migraines, and acne. Our patients have experienced positive improvements in many of our studies.

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Medical advancement is a multistep process, and clinical trials are one of the most important steps in that process. Our clinical trials provide volunteers with the satisfaction of making a difference in the medical field while also giving them the opportunity to try new treatments not yet available to them. If you are interested in changing medicine for the better, contact us today at (972) 216-5100 to see which available clinical trials are right for you.

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